Last updated December 23, 2019

Return Policy:

  • No returns for any reason after 30 days.
  • Make a request by email or phone within 30 days from the date of shipment.
  • After approval and issuance of RGA number, return to ACP freight prepaid.
  • A 25% restocking fee shall apply.
  • Special order parts and used parts are not returnable.
  • No Returns on Electrical parts.
  • *Returns via UPS or FedEx Only, do not use US Mail.


Warranty Freight Policy:

All replacement parts will be shipped FOB Macon, GA: FREIGHT COLLECT
Parts and/or units returned for repair must be freight prepaid, whether covered by warranty or not.



AirComParts (also known as ACP) warrants each compressor unit manufactured by APC to be free from defects in material and
workmanship as follows:

Gray Line Pumps: 90 days from time of purchase by end-user as a “parts only” warranty or 120 days from time of shipment. (Whichever comes first)
All other pumps and units featured in this catalog; 12 months from time of purchase by end-user as a “parts only” warranty or 15 months from time of shipment.

Certain Restrictions Apply:

  • An approved ACP dealer or approved service depot shall perform warranty work.
  • Warranty repairs shall not include labor or freight costs.
  • ACP must supply parts used for warranty purposes.
  • Electrical Components: magnetic starters, switches, wiring, and accessories are warranted for 90 days.
  • Gauges and tank valves are warranted for 30 days.
  • Service and maintenance procedures such as Oil Changes, Filter or Drive
  • Belt Replacement or Adjustments, Gasket or Fitting Tightening to correct oil or air leakage, and Pump Valve Cleaning are not covered under warranty.

Warranty shall be void under the following conditions:

  • Overtightening belts, or failure to maintain proper belt tension.
  • Failure to routinely change oil and to maintain a clean filter.
  • Exceeding 65% duty cycle resulting in overheating and excessive wear and tear.
  • Exposing electrical components to rain or water.
  • Installing unit in a hostile environment such as acid vapors or any caustic or abrasive matter that may be ingested into the pump.
  • Installing a unit in an enclosed area where a lack of cooling ventilation is
  • present or where the ambient air exceeds 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Damage arising from exposure to freezing temperatures.
  • Installing or operating unit out of level causing lubrication failure.
  • Failure to maintain proper oil level or use of incorrect lubricant.
  • Tank stress damage from failure to use Vibration Pads or installing out of level. Twisting or binding (bolting) tank legs on the uneven floor.
  • ACP’s policy is one of continuous improvement of our products. We reserve the right to change specifications without incurring obligations as to units previously or subsequently sold.


A qualified technician is required to install, repair, modify, adjust, inspect, or diagnose any Compressor Pump, Compressor Unit or its
Components. Owner/User/Installer assumes all liabilities and risks of personal injury, direct or indirect, incidental or consequential loss, or damages to equipment, vehicles, buildings or other property, and no claim for any such injury, loss or damages will be asserted by owner/user/installer or accepted by ACP.

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